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Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley transforms lives and restores hope. JFS SV was founded in 1977 as a non-sectarian, non-profit agency, serving people from a multitude of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our mission statement is: Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley empowers individuals and families facing life’s challenges by providing quality human services inspired by Jewish values. Our vision is: Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley and the Board are committed to continual growth to ensure that children, adults and families in our community have access to affordable and meaningful professional services. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. JFS provides a broad range of social services to help people thrive. The agency’s programs are available without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or ability to pay. Since its inception, JFS SV has changed the lives of many thousands of people. Our agency serves a diverse community with quality social, vocational, senior, mental health, refugee, and volunteer services. Our staff team of 26 is diverse and speaks 15 languages.
SSDS of Greater Hartford offers an excellent dual-curriculum education for children in pre-school, elementary school, and middle school. Our students receive outstanding, integrated instruction in both Judaic and general studies.
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18Doors empowers people in interfaith relationships— individuals, couples, families and their children—to engage in Jewish life and make Jewish choices, and encourages Jewish communities to welcome them.
70 Faces Media is the largest digital nonprofit Jewish publisher in North America. We publish six brands: Jewish Telegraphic Agency, My Jewish Learning, Kveller, The Nosher, Alma, and The New York Jewish Week. We reach more than 3 million unique visitors each month through our sites, and millions more through our email newsletters, social media channels, and syndication clients.
As far back as the Revolutionary War, the Jewish community has organized and advocated for a vibrant democracy that represents the will of the people while protecting the rights of individuals and minorities. In 2022, as we confront myriad threats to our democracy, we need to work together – across lines of difference – to ensure its survival for us and for future generations.
A Wider Bridge is the North American LGBTQ organization building support for Israel and its LGBTQ community. We are building a movement of pro-Israel LGBTQ people and allies, with strong interest in and commitment to supporting Israel and its LGBTQ community. A Wider Bridge builds personal rather than political relationships with Israel and LGBTQ Israelis, providing leaders, organizations and communities, both in Israel and North America, with opportunities for engagement, advocacy, and philanthropy.
Heschel is a dynamic transitional kindergarten through eighth grade educational community grounded in Jewish values. Located on a three-acre campus in the North San Fernando Valley, the sense of inspiration and engagement that have been the hallmark of Heschel since its inception in 1972 are unmistakable. Our values of tradition, character, and community infuse students, faculty, staff, and parents with shared vision and meaningful purpose. Individually and collectively, we challenge ourselves to pursue excellence. We are a pluralistic Jewish school comprised of families who observe Judaism on many different levels. We are committed to the joys of exploration and discovery and have high expectations for both our students and faculty. Teachers and parents work collaboratively to assure that we offer our students challenging and diverse opportunities for growth in a secure, positive environment with the resources to enable our children to emerge as active citizens who understand the importance of making a difference in the world. The Jewish values of our school inspire active engagement in community, citizenship, and service. We find strength in our shared traditions and strive to expand understanding, and deepen empathy. Every member of the Heschel family is essential to the life of our school. Students, staff, parents, and alumni generate the warmth and excitement that define Heschel. In classrooms from transitional kindergarten through eighth grade, our teachers skillfully nurture the natural curiosity of children, leading to a lifelong love of learning.
The Academic Engagement Network (AEN) is a national organization that engages, educated, and empowers faculty members on American university and college campuses around issues related to Israel, antisemitism, academic freedom, and campus free speech. Launched in 2015, AEN now comprises over 800 faculty members on more than 250 institutions of higher education across the United States. AEN is led by a full-time professional staff with a national office in Washington, DC. Professor Miriam F. Elman (Syracuse University) serves as Executive Director. Mark G. Yudof, former president of the University of California, chairs AEN’s National Advisory Board whose members include distinguished university leaders and academics. More information about AEN can be found at
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AIPAC - the American Israel Public Affairs Committee—is a bipartisan, non-profit organization that works to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship. AIPAC is registered as a domestic lobby and is supported financially by private donations. AIPAC is not a political action committee and it does not rate, endorse or contribute to candidates. The New York Times has described AIPAC as "the most important organization affecting America's relationship with Israel."​
Aish Global is an international Jewish organization that inspires Jews to see the meaning, beauty, and relevance of Judaism. With our international headquarters across from the Western Wall, branches around the world, and the largest Jewish content website at, Aish uniquely makes 3,000 years of wisdom relevant in the 21st century.
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AJC, established in 1906 by a small group of American Jews deeply concerned about pogroms aimed at Russian Jews, determined that the best way to protect Jewish populations in danger would be to work towards a world in which all peoples were accorded respect and dignity. Over 100 years later, AJC's unparalleled global diplomacy and legislative advocacy leverage our unique relationships with powerful leaders who influence policy. AJC is best positioned to respond to global challenges confronting the well-being of the Jewish people and threatening democratic values worldwide.