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SAJ is a joyous community of New Yorkers – a Jewish home where everyone’s voice is valued and heard. Imagine a school kids run towards and a synagogue where all can come together for social justice, study, and Shabbat. Ever since SAJ introduced America’s first bat mitzvah in 1922, it has been reconstructing Judaism, wrestling with God, questioning tradition and expanding its boundaries to ensure that Torah remains relevant, engaging, and welcoming to all.
Unlocking Jewish Rosh Hashanah: September 7The Jewish New Year begins at sundown the evening of the 6th. Learn more about this major holiday and how to celebrate.  Unlock More Rosh Hashanah: September 7The Jewish New Year begins at sundown the evening ...
An organization or initiative focused on promoting and supporting the growth of the gaming industry in Miami.
70 Faces Media is the largest and most diverse Jewish media organization in North America. We operate several digital brands — including JTA, My Jewish Learning, Jewniverse, Alma, The Nosher, and Kveller — and an international syndication service. We were born through the groundbreaking merger of a storied news agency and an Internet start-up. Founded in 1917, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) has reports on developments impacting Jews around the world. My Jewish Learning, Inc. was created in 2002 to leverage the internet and other new media to spread knowledge of Jewish religion, history, values, traditions and culture in a manner that is meaningful and accessible to all people. Our brands collectively serve as a virtual town square, highlighting and hosting a multitude of voices and conversations as we inform people about Jewish news, history, traditions, values, entertainment and culture. We reach people wherever they are in their lives, level of Jewish knowledge and sense of Jewish identity. We connect people and communities in North America, Israel and around the globe. Through these efforts, we provide a unique platform for people to identify with the Jewish story and take part in renewing it for our time.
A Better Option is the US-based arm of Tmura: The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund. Tmura – The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund is a non-profit org. that solicits donations of stock options from Israeli and Israel-related tech companies for the benefit of the community. When a ‘donor company’ has a successful exit, we donate the proceeds to education- and youth-related charities in Israel; each company can earmark its funds for the non-profit(s) of its choice. Tmura harnesses some of the value being generated by Israeli tech companies to help reduce gaps in Israeli society, while promoting a culture of giving in the tech and venture capital sectors. In the 21 years since Tmura’s founding, we’ve received equity donations from 847 Israeli companies (with more joining weekly). And, we've 'cashed in' more than NIS 100 million (approx. $30M) to date – from exits including Waze, Riskified, Outbrain, CyberArk, and many others – enabling us to support a broad variety of terrific and innovative Israeli non-profits.
An online resource center dedicated to fostering understanding and engagement in Jewish democracy and political processes.
A Wider Bridge is a United States based 501 nonprofit organization which has a goal of connecting LGBT communities in the US and Israel and advocating for LGBT rights in Israel.
The Abraham Initiatives strives to fulfill the promise of full and equal citizenship and complete equality of social and political rights for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens, as embodied in Israel's Declaration of Independence: A state which is the national homeland of the Jewish people and a full, complete and equal home for its Arab-Palestinian national minority; A state that exists peacefully alongside a Palestinian state fulfilling the national aspirations of the Palestinian people.
The Academic Engagement Network (AEN) engages, educates, and empowers U.S. university and college faculty and staff to oppose efforts to delegitimize Israel; promote campus free expression and academic freedom; support research, education, and robust d...
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's second-oldest university, established in 1918, 30 years before the establishment of the State of Israel.
The Milstein Family Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and its special connection to America. It does this by supporting programs that build and foster a love for Israel by today’s young generations and those of the future. The Milstein Family Foundation invests time and resources into many different programs and organizations that support their mission. The Foundation also uses synergistic efforts to combine the resources of various programs it supports to create a bigger impact. Some of the many organizations that the Milstein Family Foundation supports include StandWithUS, The Israeli-America Leadership Council, Hasbara Fellowships, Israeli on Campus Coalition, Christian United for Israel, The Jewish Funders Network, and The Washington Institute.
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