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Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2022

About Mini Moon Pilot:

Mini-moon is a new, pilot concept that will offer immersive, US-based experiences to local cohorts of young couples that have at least one Jewish partner and are early in their committed relationship. The purpose of Mini Moon is to create warm, nurturing communities of couples who build families with meaningful connections to Jewish life, one another, and the Jewish people. Mini Moon is conceived of by the One8 Foundation, which helped found Honeymoon Israel. Mini Moon is a pilot to determine if a shorter, less expensive experience for young couples can deliver some of the same outcomes in Jewish connectedness, community, and peoplehood. The first year of the Mini Moon pilot will consist of two anchor 4-day immersive experiences in two different cities, each serving 20 couples. The pilot will likely also include one or more shorter pre- and post- programs with the couple cohort. The Mini Moon pilot will benefit from the experience of Honeymoon Israel (HMI), a leading provider of immersive Israel experiences for couples that to-date has run more than 140 trips from 20 American cities serving over 2,700 couples. HMI’s impact data demonstrates that couples who return from Israel are more likely to consider themselves a Jewish family, engage in more Jewish activities than before their trip, and feel more connected to Israel, their local Jewish community, and the Jewish people.

About the Position:

The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) is intended to be a 1-year independent contractor position with an option to renew for a second year and the potential to be a longer-term opportunity. The EIR will oversee the planning, design, and execution of the first two years of the Mini Moon pilot. Working in close partnership with the One8 Foundation and Honeymoon Israel, the EIR will lead an exciting new idea from conception through implementation. This position is remote and will report to a Senior Portfolio Manager at the One8 Foundation located in Boston, MA. The position will require approximately 20% travel.

About the One8 Foundation: Founded in 2006, the One8 Foundation’s mission is to accelerate and bolster the success of nonprofit organizations with the highest potential to achieve breakthrough results in the Foundation’s issue areas. The One8 Foundation does this by pursuing a venture philanthropy approach – identifying highly promising grantees to support with meaningful funding and deep strategic engagement. Supporting nonprofit organizations in both the United States and Israel, the Foundation’s model combines grant-making, pro-bono consulting, and strategic and operating support for key strategic grantees(www.one8.org).

Who you are:

· An entrepreneurial leader who is energized by building something from the ground up, learning, and experimenting.

· A superb project manager with an ability to multitask and ensure task completion in an efficient, organized, and timely manner.

· A collaborator and team player who can work well in partnership with other consultants, advisors, and stakeholders.

· A strategic and generative thinker who can think holistically about how to get from activities to outcomes through a compelling and measurable new program offering.

· A detail-oriented doer who is comfortable getting their hands dirty “in the weeds” of the work.

· A data-driven decision-maker who is comfortable with data and understands how measurement and continual learning is used to improve design and implementation.

· A committed, mission-driven professional who is passionate about strengthening the Jewish people and ensuring that the Jewish community is welcoming, inclusive, and diverse.

Key Responsibilities:

The EIR is responsible for overseeing the planning, design, and execution of the Mini Moon pilot. Much of this work will be done in close partnership with the One8 Foundation and Honeymoon Israel. Consultants will also be hired as needed to provide support in specific areas, such as branding, program design and impact measurement. The EIR role includes oversight for the following high-level workflows:

Ø Strategy Refinement

The strategy includes the Theory of Change and all mission-critical decisions that have a bearing on program outcomes, including pilot city selection, target audience, and participant selection. While the high-level strategy for Mini Moon has been drafted by the One8 Foundation team, the strategy should evolve as we learn from the pilot programs and evaluation. The EIR will oversee the strategy as it evolves and lead ongoing strategy discussions, along with the One8 Foundation.

Ø Marketing and Branding

Mini Moon will be independently branded. The EIR is responsible for ensuring that Mini Moon has a new brand and logo as well as a compelling marketing and social media plan to engage the target audience and support program recruitment and launch. The EIR will likely work in partnership with a marketing consultant (and One8) to support brand/logo creation and the program website.

Ø Program Design and Development

The immersive experience needs to be envisioned and designed from start to finish to meet the core outcomes of the program, including both pre- and post- programing (if relevant). This will be a combination of program activities/experiences rooted in a thoughtful and intentionally designed learning curriculum. The EIR will oversee program design and development, likely working in partnership with design consultants.

Ø Recruitment and Selection

The EIR is responsible for the entirety of the participant recruitment and selection process. This includes developing an application process, creating a selection rubric to inform participant selection, and overseeing the participant interview and notification process.

Ø Program Implementation

The EIR is responsible for successfully executing the Mini Moon program pilot. This includes hiring staff, securing vendors, obtaining relevant materials and supplies, real-time troubleshooting, and program personnel management.

Ø Operations and Logistics

The EIR is responsible for all operational, legal, and logistical oversight relating to the Mini Moon pilot. This includes program logistics and operations, data management/CRM and vendor contracts. Mini Moon will be able to benefit from Honeymoon Israel’s expertise, but the EIR is responsible for getting trained and briefed to effectively utilize these systems with minimal disruption to the HMI team.

Ø Measurement and evaluation

The EIR is responsible for working in close partnership with One8 and research consultants to design a measurement and evaluation plan to measure the pilot and integrate learnings into future programming.

Ø Financial Projections and Budget management

The EIR is responsible for developing financial projections for the first 2 years of the pilot and managing the budget. The final budget will require approval by the One8 Foundation.

Ø Consultant Selection and Management

The EIR will work together with the One8 Foundation to select and hire the consultants who support the pilot. While One8 will fund these roles and oversee the hiring and project scoping process, it is the responsibility of the EIR to manage the consultants on a day-to-day basis.

Skills and experience:

· Minimum 10 years of professional experience with a focus on program/project management; entrepreneurial experience preferred

· Experience with project management including project planning, managing budgets and timelines, and vendor/contract relationships

· Team player with strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work collaboratively

· Ability to think creatively, innovatively, and strategically to solve problems

· Self-motivated and self-starter with the ability to take initiative and work independently

· Highly organized, detail-oriented, and efficient with time management

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail; ability to produce high impact work product in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

· Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment as part of a high-achieving team

· Deep understanding of Jewish life and the North American Jewish community

· Passion for the mission of Mini Moon and the goal to deeply connect and inspire young couples towards meaningful Jewish life

· Experience with immersive experiences and immersive Jewish education preferred

· Experience working with young adults/young families preferred

Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

To apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to careers2@one8.org. We will review applications and screen participants on a rolling basis until the position fills. One8 Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes and benefits from candidates with diverse backgrounds.

One8 Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.

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